I Won’t Learn

It’s happened again: with each record, there’s a song I am convinced is boring, or not good enough, or I don’t know what. But I grudgingly move forward with recording, thinking I’ll delete it later, only to find out it’s everyone’s favorite. For the past few years, I’ve been struggling and nipping and tucking and recomposing my maybe-post-modern murder ballad THE ROSEWOOD CASKET. In some ways, it’s a traditional folk song, but in a lot of ways it’s very much not, so making it feel right, move right, has been a real challenge. Anyway, fast-forward to recording sessions from the past week and – boom – once again, it looks like we’re looking at the song everybody loves the most. Is it all that struggle, or was it always that good? Who knows. I’d say “When will I learn” except it looks I won’t, so why bother? Meanwhile, cross your fingers that I get the genius fiddle player I’ve set my heart on. And look for it at MURDER MUSIC at the Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock, Saturday January 28th!

© Dudley Saunders