Song Eruption at Murder Music

Murder Music was a hit: packed house, ecstatic crowd, etc. Sweet. Here’s a link to the article on Patch. But a few nights before the show, my partner Barry woke up from a nightmare, yelling “Who are you?” A kind of abject terror flooded his voice. What is that particular horror you’d feel being murdered in the dark, never knowing who was killing you? Haunted me for days. And the night before the show, some chords I’d been playing with for the last half-dozen years or so abruptly connected with it and became a song. It’s short, it has no title, but I opened Murder Music with it. It’s a mix of bluegrass and pop-experimentalism — typical of me, but a little more weighted on the Appalachian side of things. If it fits, we’ll stick it on the new record. If I locate decent video of the performance, I’ll post.

© Dudley Saunders