Kickstarting MONSTERS: 30 days & counting

So the second most important thing you can do for me is to share this Kickstarter video with your Facebook or Twitter friends: (If you can’t see the link, paste this into your browser: After that, I need your direct help: After fifteen months in the recording studio, three months doing prep in my tiny office – and a full season of being out of touch with you (sorry) — my 4th album MONSTERS is finally ready to release. It’s about the monsters we’ve made, the monsters we’ve been turned into, the monsters we’ve been told we are, the monsters we are haunted by. It’s beautiful/ugly, emotional stuff. And recorded with music legends like Ed Tree, Debra Dobkin and even Chris Thile’s brilliant fiddle player Gabe Witcher, it’s the best work of my underground career. But we’re short on the money to get it out and publicize it — $4,000 short. The past few years have seen things getting better for this music: I won Best Album at the Outmusic Awards, then won the western regional Mountain Stage NewSong Contest just last fall. But mainstream music industry people still get that puzzled look when they hear my music: it doesn’t fit any trend, it doesn’t fit any marketable genre. The subjects upset them. But along with the growing number of critics and musicians, more people like you are getting it. And if 400 of you decide to get your download via Kickstarter (a month before it hits the street) … Or 155 of you go for the signed copy plus bonus track … Or if just a few of you go for one of the bigger ticket incentives … We can do an end run around the mainstream roadblocks. Watch the video, do whatever you can do, and then share it with your friends. And thank you for having my back when nobody else wanted to hear me. People like you are the only mainstream I ever really wanted to reach. Love (in all seriousness), Dudley Saunders

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