Abruptly, A New Song

I got almost two weeks to myself, and stayed home writing the whole time.  I wasn’t thinking of writing a Novelsong – I’d drifted away from that impulse some months ago.  But then, suddenly, everything crystallized around the images from a novel.

The hilarious thing?  It’s my novel.  One I wrote.  And even funnier?  As with the other novels in this series, I twisted the content of even my own novel to make the song into what it wanted to be.  I don’t even do a true adaptation of my OWN writing.  I am my own raw material.

It’s called THE MAN IN THE GAME, and I played it last Saturday at Grassroots Acoustica in Venice, CA.  Maybe I’ll post a YouTube performance of it shortly.  It’s a little oddly shaped, but if you’re reading this, that probably what you get into. 

© Dudley Saunders