Three Songs (so far) for the film UNITED IN ANGER

I haven’t made this public before, but two months ago I was asked to do music for Jim Hubbard’s non-fiction feature, UNITED IN ANGER,  about the original ACT UP New York..

It’s the first film to incorporate material from the ACT UP Oral History Project, and the sections I’ve seen are incredible.  They’re working the film over like dogs now, but so far they’re using an entirely new song I’ve written for the film called WHAT I WON’T DO, along with THE WILD MEN from “The Emergency Lane” and LEBANON from “Restore”.

Currently, I’m on standby to write anything else the film needs.  I’m very very happy to be working on this film at the same time I’m recording the new album (which is on schedule for a December finish and a March release).

Stay tuned!

© Dudley Saunders